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New User Guide

Q Do I have to register an account to make a purchase at your website?
Q Why shoud I trust your new website?
Q How to register your website?


Q How can I receive discount coupon codes for your website?
Q How can I use your coupon code?
Q Can I use multiple coupons?
Q What is Tier Price?


Q Which payment methods does your website accept?
Q Do I have to have a Paypal account to pay at your website?
Q How to cancel an order? Before payment and after payment.

Shipping & Delivery

Q Hong long will I receive my packages?
Q I did not receive my package. What can I do?
Q How do I save on shipping?
Q What About Import Regulations?

Taxes, Customs & Duties

Q Will I be charged custom duty for items shipped from outside my country?

Return & Exchange

Q What should I do if I receive a defect item?
Q Who will be responsible for return shipping cost?