The number of mobile users in US is slowly increasing, although the speed of this increase is slower than that in China. In Nov.11 last year's Singles Day, Alibaba claimed that 42.6% of its sales come from mobile device accounting for 2 billion USD in sale.  Two years ago, we saw about a quarter of our Paypal transactions coming from mobile users and now about 30% from them. The rate of increase of mobile users is slow but quite steady.

Last year, Google introduces mobile usability analysis in Google Webmaster Tools. A few weeks ago, Google sent warning letters to all webmasters whose websites have poor performance in mobile usability. Most importantly, in that warning letter, Google told webmaster that those mobile unfriendly pages will not rank high in smart phone search. A new mobile rank algorithm is about to laugh as many have expected in the last summer.

Based on the increase of mobile users in recent years as well as the new Google's mobile rank algorithm, we are expecting that mobile app and responsive web design will be the new trend in website design.We, GLOBALSOURCEMALL.COM, will also test and implement the mobile friendly features in the coming months.